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Late Night Savage Opening Talk
05. 29.2021

Talk| Late Night Savage

Speakers: Liu Wa, Yang Bao, Wang Yanran

Presenter: Danielle Shang

Time: May 29th, 2021. 16:30-17:30

Site: 101, Building 15, M50 Art Zone, 50 Moganshan Road, Putuo District, Shanghai

From the perspective of post anthropology and new materialism, this opening talk discussed the creation of the video, music, and paintings of the exhibition. The two artists shared how, in the process of shooting on the west coast of the United States, their starting point of creating from the perspective of human beings shifted to the perspective of plants, and how this change led to the development of new dimensions of space, time, and spirits in creative practice. Dr. Wang Yanran also introduced how to recognize non-human wisdom while not imposing human will on non-human beings, and to seek the possibility of equality between human and non-human beings in philosophical discussion.

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