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Universal Gravitation
03.22.2019 - 05.19.2019

The Cc Foundation and Cc Art Center’s first exhibition of 2019 is entitled "Universal Gravitation", with its theme being inspired by Isaac Newton's 1687 discovery of the same law of nature. All the displayed artworks came from the private collection of David Chau, founder of the Cc Foundation. This exhibition and a series of associated public projects are presented in a non-narrative form, allowing the viewer to directly participate in the discussion of the contemporary art subject’s "interactive and metaphorical meaning". Using a variety of experimental expressive forms, including electronic music, performance art, theatre, installations, images, paintings and others, the series attempts to immerse its viewers into the artworks themselves, thereby remaking the interactive relationship between art and life, and promoting more diversified forms of presentation and attraction to art.

The nature of art is not to reproduce or reshape the spatial and temporal elements of reality. Rather, most artists seek to create abstract spaces that go beyond our lived experience, and thereby allow their viewers to escape the limits of space and time, as if traveling into a black hole. The exhibited four artworks were carefully selected for featuring imaginative and unearthly worlds, including images of Mar’s surface, stones with a futuristic geometry, abstract lines and a series of daily conversations captured and reproduced in a new multi-dimensional space. The exhibition’s theme guides the viewer into the future, bringing their imaginations closer to its mysteries and unknown spaces.

This exhibition includes the artworks of four artists Donna Huanca, Liang Manqi, Neil Beloufa, and Shi Zhiying. We are honored to present their important videos, installations and paintings at the Universal Gravitation exhibition, with most their artworks being presented for the first time within an art institution.

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Opening Performance

Opening Performance

Opening Performance

Neil Beloufa
Superlative an resolutions, People’s Passion, Movement and Life
Size Dimensions

Shi Zhiying

Donna Huanca
Chabazite Crystal
285 X 190cm

Liang Manqi
Black Energy