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Huang Yuxing is that kind of artist who relies on an instinctual nature to paint; and he does anything but hide from this instinct, he is equally as open about his worship of pop star Jay Chou or Marlene Dumas. With gloomy hues he manifests feelings of trepidation and the excitement of spying, creating paintings capable of arousing nervous hormonal palpitations from the very depths of our hearts. 

In post-cultural revolution China, a social liberation was accompanied by a sexual one, and young artists born in the seventies and eighties grew up with this reality unfolding in the background. In their art, contemplations of the body, of emotional experience, and of sex revitalized and transformed the aching realist reflection and representational political criticism of the two generations that preceded them, in turn becoming an important means by which to express the newly individualized self and to make sense of the complexities of a post-totalitarian society.

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