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Lu Yang is a new media artist, born in Shanghai in 1984, and graduated from the China Academy of Arts with a Master’s Degree in the school’s Fine Arts program in 2010. Lu Yang is highly regarded in new media and biological art fields for her exploration of the essence of life through various mediums including video, installations, animations, photography and games. 

Her works often use new media technology to combine spiritual and biomedical themes with diverse art styles, thereby forming a unique creative system. Strong sensory stimulations and bold innovative styles give Lu Yang's work a sense of humor and otherworldliness, but they are all created via precise and rigorous implementation processes based on specific scientific research or theories. Masterfully blending and recombining elements from various fields, the artist has used her young perspective to create a distinctly different world composed from its own, self-contained dimensions. 

 Lu Yang’s work has been exhibited in international art institutions such as the Pompidou National Art and Culture Center in Paris, Art Basel Hong Kong, Power Station of Art in Shanghai and the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing. Lu Yang has been awarded for the next BMW Art Journey Prize this year and nominated for the Art News Asian Art Contribution Award - Artist of the Year (2015) and the Pierre Huber Award (2014) before. A number of his works have been included in the collections of important art institutions including the Fukuoka Museum of Asian Art and the K11 Art Foundation.

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