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Liu Wa (b.1994), a Chinese young artist, born in Beijing, China and received her B.A. in Anthropology and Art from Yale University, currently studying Master of Science in Art, Culture and Technology (SMACT) degree. She works in New York and Beijing.

Liu Wa’s work encompasses installation, moving image and painting and she deploys neuro-technology to construct immersive and interactive environments. Trained in anthropology, she explores the subjectivity and plasticity of human emotions and perceptions. Built upon post-humanism, her multidisciplinary practices reimagine human agency at a time when feelings and desires could be quantified, predicted and affected by neuroscience. Her works adopt fluid and decentralized perspectives to interrogate the power dynamics between humanity and technology. Her works have been globally exhibited and collected by prestigious museums and galleries. She won the “International Emmy Awards Young Creatives Award” in 2020, and was selected for “Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list” and “Porsche Young Chinese Artist of the Year” in 2019.

Her recent solo exhibitions include: “Moon Milk” (MadeIn Gallery, China, 2020), “Glimpse” (Asia Now, France, 2019), “Glimpse: a passing look” (Sabsay Gallery, Denmark, 2018). Selected group exhibitions include: “Busan Biennale” (Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, South Korea, 2020), “Immaterial/Re-material: A Brief History of Computing Art” (UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, China, 2020),  “Duration: Chinese Art in Transformation” (Beijing Minsheng Art Museum, China,  2021), “Porsche Young Chinese Artist of the Year” (iag, China, 2020), “The 6th Guangzhou Triennial—As We May Think, Feedforward” (Guangdong Museum of Art, China, 2018), “Heart of the Tin Man” (M Woods Museum, China, 2017), “I Do (Not) Want To Be Part Of Your Celebration” (Tank Shanghai Project Space, China, 2017)

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