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In 2006, the artist obtained her MFA degree in oil painting from the Central Academy of Fine Art in Beijing. Her painting-based body of works also integrate live music, music video, and installations. 

Song’s artworks revolve around several recurring themes: “stream of consciousness as narrative device” and “subconscious synesthesia.” These are as integral to her artistic creation as demonstrative of the Chinese aesthetic tradition. She never attempts to provide a fixed set of symbols or concepts, but offers instead a unique sample in contemporary China for the question “how to approach the epistemological cognition and affective experience in our life.” “Her resolution and confidence allow her paintings to connect with the languages of music, sound, and imagery and therefore gather exceptional narrative momentum.”

Recently, Song’s artistic creation has entered a new stage, merging contemporary subcultural and religious elements in an experimental manner and expanding the oeuvre that increasingly mirrors her own individual temperament. 

For comments cited above, please refer to the article by Mr. Li Pi “Touching Me and the Edge of the World – Song Kun’s Artistic Creation” (2012).

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