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Zhang Xun is a Shanghai-based theater and performance artist, with a focus on the existence of human under different social constructions and institutions.

Zhang Xun was born in an artist family. She studied in the field of music since young and started to explore theater art since 2010 by writing scripts and compose music for Chinese opera. Influenced by the aesthetics of Chinese opera, she pursued minimal peripherals, stylized forms of performance and poetic narration in theater art, which guided her through the work in poetry theater and body theater pieces.

Zhang Xun has long been interested in social construction and human state of living. She has worked in social organizations and taken the idea of action into making art. Her work investigates the relationship between society and people, often comes with strong participation, action and reflection for daily life.

Zhang Xun usually works with body, as well as video and digital mediums. Her recent interest is social depression and alienation. 

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