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The founder of Cc Foundation Mr. David Chau (b.1985) is a Shanghai native, who grew up in Hong Kong and Vancouver. He began his art collection in 2003, while pursuing his double majors in art history and international relations at University of British Columbia in Canada, where he studied under a few luminaries in the field of art history, such as Tsao Hsingyuan and her late husband James Cahill.

After his return to Shanghai, Mr. Chau has spearheaded several enterprises. Among them are Metropolis International Leasing Co., Ltd, one of China's largest | eet management companies, and, most noticeably, the art fair Art021, which was inaugurated in 2013, as part of the Shanghai International Art Festival in November. Each year, Art021 features over 100 galleries and brings the international and domestic art communities together. Many high-quality exhibitions take place concurrently in Shanghai, establishing the city as a vital place for exchanging ideas and sharing the latest trends in contemporary art.

Shanghai Wenshe Art Foundation
Cc基金会&艺术中心 Cc Foundation&Art Centre
上海市长宁区昭化路 638 号 C·PARK D栋
C·PARK Haisu - Building D, C·PARK, No. 638 Zhaohua Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China.
E-mail: information@ccartfoundation.net
Instagram: ccfoundation

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Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00
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