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David Chau Collection Exhibition

Cc Foundation & Art Centre is delighted to announce the opening of "Crossing the river by feeling the collectors", an exhibition of David Chau’s collection, curated by Xu Zhen and theoretically supported by philosopher Lu Xinghua, on November 7, 2023, at C-PARK Haisu.


"Crossing the river by feeling the collectors" presents a diverse and vibrant contemporary art scene. By putting nearly 100 works of art from Mr. Chau's collection on display that focuses on 21st-century Chinese Contemporary Art in a state-of-the-art exhibition space, this exhibition brings together seminal works by more than 90 artists from 24 countries and regions worldwide, including paintings, photographs, videos, sculptures, and installations. The show’s diverse forms and contents aim to generate dialogue about history, the present, and the future. Considered a site that would allow contemporary art practice to voice their concerns, it will also reflect on the collision and joint forces between art and society in a universal sense while bearing witness to the development of global contemporary art.


"People think of me as an art collector, an art promoter, or even an investor in art. I am David Chau, and most of all, I am passionate about art." The exhibition reflects David Chau's impetus to collect art collection, showing his global vision of contemporary art while rooted in the metropolis of Shanghai, where he has been building a constellation-like collection that elucidates his decisions on the future development of contemporary art in China.


The exhibition title, "Crossing the river by feeling the collectors," suggests David Chau's roles as an entrepreneur in the art industry, an active participant, and a pioneer of its ecology, in addition to being a collector. He founded ART021 in Shanghai, the Cc Foundation, and the iag and continues to be involved in various art projects in collaboration with art galleries and artists. At the same time, he has always been moving forward with the local and global art industry, playing a critical role and injecting energy in many aspects, showing the dedication and driving force of China's young generation of culture builders.

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