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Liao Guohe born in 1977. Currently lives in ChangSha and Beijing. One would always immerse in the sense of loss and ignorance when appreciating Liao Guohe’s painting. This cyniscism is used as a critical strategy, fascinating while aesthetically is also a challenge for the audiences. In today’s art ecology, while contemporary art adheres to ideology, the game of exposing and resisting the latter has made people feel tired. Whereas the practice of Liao Guohe seems to go behind the game and becomes a more crafty existence than the ideology in disguise. For Liao Guohe, the "truth" of painting lies in the ironic process of transcending and reducing its content and form. The representation of Liao Guohe in the form of painting may convince the audience of the artist's belief in medium, but the language of his painting destroys the direct message conveyed by the image. Like many of his paintings, liao guohe challenged the medium in the process of overturning the basic tenets of painting while showing his profound understanding of painting. Liao Guohe participated in a variety of remarkable group exhibitions including "Duration: Chinese Art in Transformation", (Beijing Minsheng Art Museum), "Tuwei World - Metonymy of Resistance and Chinese National Imagination" (PARA SITE Art Space), "Spirit" (PAC museum of contemporary art), and Montreal Biennale. Both Sifang Art Museum and Beijing Minsheng Modern Art Museum has organized solo exhibitions for Liao Guohe.

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Liao Guohe “Untitled(I heart-shape)”
Acrylic on canvas Dimension:166×213cm
Courtesy of the artist